Come on!

"Come on"; two single words that became famous because of the numerous times Zack Scott said them in his videos. These expressions are often accompanied by a "Oh, [...]" or a "[...]Mac!"

Moesboy has created compilation videos of every "Come on!" Zack has uttered during the series on his Youtube channel. He updates with a new video compiling each "Come on!" per 50 episodes. The fifth part was released on the 24th of November. The current total through episode 250 is 295, which gives a rate of 1.18 times per videos.

Sexual Connotation

The phrase can also be related to: "Cum On". Zack says this a lot to Mac. He yells "Come On Mac!" which encourages viewers to launch their semen towards EvilMacaroon. A leaderboard is currently being made for this event.


  • He also said it in his Animal Crossing: New Leaf Videos.
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