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Minecraft - Episode 165 - Hat Trick Bakery



Coffinshire is PeterCoffin's town in Scottland, and is one of the most developed areas of the world, featuring booming business establishments and government buildings. The entrance to Coffinshire is characterized by a distinctive red suspension bridge, and at the other end of town are docks, with a boardwalk inspired by the American TV show "Jersey Shore". The town is a suburb of Sam City.

Coffinshire Train Station

The first official building in Coffinshire.

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It connects to Super Tunnel. It has the Coffinshire flag.

A Record Store

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A Record Store

The Record Store was named because the yellow wool on the building is in the shape of an A. In one of Zack's videos, it was joked that the A stood for Asians because the yellow wool was used. It has also been said that it looks like an Asian person wearing headphones.

Kung Food

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Kung Food

Kung Food was the first restaurant that was built in Coffinshire. The ground floor serves as a restaurant and the second floor serves as a dojo. The kitchen is located downstairs.

Comic Coffin

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The Inside of the Comic Book Store

The Comic Coffin is a comic book store is located next to Kung Food and has COMICS written on the outside in glowstone. In a Zack Scott video, Zack broke the top of the 'O' in comics to make it read 'Cum' on one side of the store. Peter stated that it had not been the first time someone has done that. A Green Lantern, Flash, A Lightsaber and Superman logo can be found inside the store.

Club Karma

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Club Karma

Club Karma is a night club and part of the Jersey Shore themed area of Coffinshire. The sign on the building is burning netherrack. Pistons, redstone, and glowstone are used to make the lights flash on and off inside of the club. It is lit up when nobody is inside to avoid mobs from spawning.

In one of Zack's episodes, when Club Karma was shown to the viewers for the first time, Zack brought a music disc to play it in the club and teleported everyone there. However, nobody liked the music, because the disc Zack brought was 13, the one with creepy "music".


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The Library

The Library is located next to the comic book store. The ground floor has bookcases spread around the room with a small room in the center for employees. If you go up the stream of water coming down on the right hand side of the library it will bring you up to the roof. There is a door on the roof that leads to the Dark Arts area.

Hat Trick Bakery

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Hat Trick Bakery

The Hat Trick Bakery is located next to the Coffinshire Department of City Planning. In a Zack Scott video, Peter said that it was originally supposed to be made to look like a cake but instead looks like an African American chef. The bakery was under criticism that Peter was racist. However, in the Zack Scott video that was showing it off, Peter clearly says it was meant to be a Bun. Since then, NinjaMarion has built a rival establishment called the Cake Cake Cake Bakery.

Coff Inn

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Coff Inn

The Coff Inn was named by BREDCLAN in a livestream. the name is of course named after Peter's last name which is 'Coffin'. The ground floor is a basic lobby. The first and second floor are basic hotel rooms. The top floor is the Luxury suite. In a Zack Scott Minecraft video Tallman said that he once gave Peter the idea to build a statue of himself, make that the hotel and call it 'Rest in Peter'.

The Coff Inn is located across the river in an area called, "New Coffinshire".

Peter's Buns


Peter's Buns

Peter's Buns is a fast food restaurant introduced in Episode 329. It is located across the Coff Inn. To see the menu, go to the main article.

Peter's Buns is located across the river in an area called, "New Coffinshire".

Movie Theatre

The movie theatre is an ongoing project that was most voted in the recent election, beating the Police/Fire Station. It will be located across the street from Peter's Buns, diagonal from the Coff Inn. It is the third settlement of New Coffinshire.

Its name has not been decided as of yet.

Coffin Shore

Featured in Episode 257 - Jersey Shore House, Peter has built a boardwalk area in Coffinshire as a tribute to the Jersey Shore. The boardwalk contains the Jersey Shore house (which is often referred to by Zack as the "Crappy one"), Club Karma (which is known for Fluffy's Blowjobs), a tanning salon, a laundromat, a gym, and a barber shop called the Beiber Shop.

Bedtaculous Takeover

Coffinshire is now The Bed Stealer's main base of destruction due to him loosing the location of Bedtropolis.

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