Capture the Flag!
Capture the flag Arena


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X: -139 Y: 72 Z: -814

First Appearance:

Episode 192 - Capture the Flag (Wool)



Capture the Flag matches occur at the pair of forts built by Ashleysmash. Both are identifiable for their teams by two pillars of red or yellow wool on the front of the fort.

Most Capture The Flag games are Boys VS Girls matches. They have forts, which, on top have a chest with wool inside. The goal is to survive and get the other team's flag (Red or Yellow Wool) back to your base. The primary weapons are Bows and Arrows, although Swords of varying materials and even fists are known to be used. Videos made of Capture the Flag tend to be the longest (next to WereWolf).

Rozz 's channel shows the most games.

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