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Brettcm82, Brett Mounce





First Appearance

Episode 256 - Werewolf Game 4

Final Appearance

Episode 917 - The Legend of Storm Cop



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Brett Mounce (aka Brettcm82) is a regular player on the Scottland server. Often making Skype Call appearances in many of Zack's minecraft videos. Brett regularly does livestreams on his channel Bouncin In Bed where he often plays minecraft on Nova Scottia. He once had a minor obsession with doors, having multiple door statues. This led to him posting a .gif of Doors opening and closing on the Scottland Tumblr. During some of his recent livestreams Brett has discussed his door obsession saying that it was really just a one time thing and that he doesn't understand why it caught on. Brett also has been jokingly called a replacement of Rozz, after Rozz disappeared. Alongside Zack and Adam, Brett is part of the Scottland singing group the MacStreetBoys.


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The Mounce Hotel

Brett and Mac

It is suggested that another Scottland player, Mac, had a sexual affection for Brett. Whether this is true or not is still unknown. Fans of the Minecraft series believe the evidence of this was Mac's conspiracy to destroy Brett’s creations, like Brett’s hotel (which has been destroyed several times by Mac). With help from an unknown contributor, Swimmingbird941 had decided they shall be known as 'Brac'. Brac are known to host livestreams together, including blowing Zack's House up for Christmas. Mac and Brett also host a talk show on Brett's YouTube page called Getting Personal With Mac & Brett.


Brett, Frdrck, and a few more Scottlanders are proud backers of GloSpex. Brett has recent created the GloSpexture Pack, a texture pack for minecraft that adds GloSpex to all the mob skins and makes several other minor edits to the normal minecraft textures. The GloSpexture Pack 1.2.4 update can be downloaded from here.

Brett made multiple memes after the suspension of GloSpex on Kickstarter.


  • When first introduced to the Scottland audience Brett stated he was homosexual, when in reality he isn't.
  • Brett's original 'Han Solo' Minecraft skin was not created by him. It has only been edited by Ashley Scott into his Ghastbuster uniform, his slightly inaccurate Marty McFly outfit and his official Scottland uniform.
  • Brett is the only Scottland member that Zack did not whitelist himself. Ashley whitelisted Brett without Zack knowing.
  • Brett's favorite movie is Magnolia. His second favorite movie is Scott Pilgrim vs the World.
  • Brett was born in Canada but now he lives in the USA.
  • Brett used to get rashes in his butt a lot.
  • In the Thunderdome he is known as Brett The Unfuckable.
  • A large door that Brett used to have got burned down during New Years.
  • Brett has lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but now lives in Virginia Beach, VA.
  • Brett is an expert in all things Dr. Who.
  • Brett works at a sex hotline


  • "I'm gay."
  • "DOORS."
  • "I have a long story to tell..."
  • "I'm going to sleep in my bed." *Large explosion from bed*
  • "Boobies are grossss!"
  • "I don't like the Asians."
  • "It was the JEWS!"
  • "I'm so wet right now"


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