Brambleberry Village
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First Appearance:

Episode 433 - Nether Portal to a New Village

Discovered By:

SwimmingBird941 and Brettcm82


SwimmingBird941 and DaneKevinCook

Brambleberry Village is a village founded by Brettcm82 and SwimmingBird941. Some of its former residents include Evilmacaroon, Mrfun, DaneKevinCook, Wolfsorrow, The1andonlytrav, Olirulz 747, JackieSmash, NinjaMarion, Hippid, BreederJosh, AshleySmash, ZackScott, Spintown, and Adam.

The village is built around an NPC village that Brett and Adam discovered while searching for a jungle. Most of the villagers have been relocated to several small buildings in the south west of the village. Adam took over as the town blacksmith and operates out of the The Stone Golem Blacksmith.

Zack made his first trip to the village in Episode 433 - Nether Portal to a New Village.

Along with the houses of the players and the villagers of Brambleberry, it also contains a village hall where players can vote on village issues and enchant various items, two bazaars where players can obtain common building materials like as cobblestone and dirt, and a fountain that supports an ender dragon egg brought back from the end by Adam and Dane. A netherbrick dragon overlooks the village from the north. A windmill has also been constructed northwest of the village. There is a bay located southwest of Brambleberry containing a large and small pier.

Ashleysmash has a house located east of Brambleberry and has constructed several mills around outside of the Brambleberry. These were featured in Zack's video Minecraft - Ashley's Nova Mills - Episode 453.


For sometime Brambleberry Village was an active center of trade and served as the residence for the majority of Scottlanders living in Nova Scottia. As time went by less and less of the players would make trips out to the village. This led to a decline in the economy causing the remaining players to move out and seek new horizons in Nova Scottia. Brett was the first to leave Brambleberry, he started a new home in the jungle near Brambleberry. He lived in peace for sometime in his new settlement known as Castleberry. Castleberry was peaceful place until Brett constructed a new version of The Mounce Hotel, this brought unwelcome guests to Castleberry... Shortly after the guest arrived The Mounce Hotel and most of Castleberry burned down in a mysterious fire. These tragic events sent Brett on his way once more. To be continued...


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