Minecraft Black Dick

ZackScott looking at the one of the Black Dicks that Mac and Adam left after blowing up his house in episode 341 at 1:58

"Black Dick" is well known by watchers of Zack Scott's Minecraft series. It is one of EvilMacaroon's favorite treats as well as one of her favorite lines to say in most of Zack's videos. She enjoys creating them, looking at them, and doing things to them that many would never expect her to do. This is also a self-portriat of her penis.

EvilMacaroon revcieved a black dick as a gift from Zack Scott and Ashley Scott in Episode 302. It was carefully wrapped and rigged with TNT. When Zack and Ashley invited her and other online players of Scottland to open it, Mac stated that "If something is going to explode I want Brock as close to it as possible". At about 5:05 on Episode 302 Mac flipped the switch and it began to explode. Mac gasped and shouted "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!" when she recieved her "exploding" black dick.

Other notable ways in which Mac expresses Black Dick are "Black cock", "My Black Dick", "My Black Cock", "Suck My Black Cock", and "Suck My Big Black Dick"

Mac's Gift

The black dick inside of the "opening" present that Mac recieved for her Birthday from Zack and Ashley

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