Bill Cosby
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First Appearance

Episode 333 - Bill Cosby



Bill Cosby is a famous rapist, depicted in Scottland as a large piece of pixel art. The pixel art was made by Adam and was featured in Episode 333. Cosby can be seen weeping the tears that provide roofies to all of Scottland. After seemingly being destroyed, suddenly Cosby appeared in two different locations, with one high above SwimmingBurg and the other located by John's castle. Following this however, the Cosby above SwimmingBurg has begun to grow unexpectedly, sprouting a small body and sweater. It then used its power over the rapist elements to strike the second Cosby with lightning , destroying it to become even stronger. Some fear that Cosby will soon grow too powerful to keep in check, while others have began to worship him in the hopes of their asses being spared from the wrath of The Sweatered One. Adam once had a wet dream of him and the ever so great rapist Cosby.

Through rain and thunder, roofies too

The gentle shift of silent hands

A scream grew loud and echoed out

To signal those who stood to help

They bind together, getting high

Unite as One before they run

Where once was One, now Two are found

And in the end, but One is fucked...

- H.P. Minecraft

The Rape Call of Cosby

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