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BenGames11 is a player on Scottland Studios as well as an editor of this very Wiki! He is a dedicated player spending his days in Factions or Creative. He is also a member of the MoesEisley Faction. When he is not playing Minecraft, he enjoys designing things like a boss. He is also known to few as BatBen.

Player Profile

Ben joined the server in June as a noob. He is notorious and famous for reporting players on the server. Hence, the nickname BatBen. He is also a Minecraft builder, an aspiration that might have came from JustinBobcat. He is also seen on many other servers and websites.

Famous Quotes


"I'm gonna kick your ass"

Other Quotes

"Hey Justine"

"I cant believe that I am dumb enough to create a Wiki page about myself."

"Javier, I gon kill you"

"My videos suck"

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