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A story of loss, of desire, of heroes, of villains. Of Power. Be Ready.

So hide yo matresses and hide yo sheets (And hide yo backboards, 'cuz he's stealing all the beds out there)!



Death, Escape, Loss


Friendship, Worry, Loneliness


Pain, Sorrow, Exploration


Hope, Potential, Experiments


Fear, Despair, Defence


Serum, Doom, Horror


Potential, Awakening, Victory


Insanity, Obsession, Discovery


Murder, Escape, Attack

'Omega (Two Parts)'

Hero, Explosion, Transformation

It all started when some of Scottland's players found an odd lair, later being unveiled as the BedStealer's old lair, under Rozz's grave in the Scottland Cemetery. Once they went down the ladder, they discovered a mysterious mine cart track leading to olirulz_747's area in Scottland.

Speculations were going around that it was Oli that was terrorizing the players in Scottland.

A few weeks later, the BedStealer made a shining appearance in episode 408.

The BedStealer has a few bed-related structures, such as the Battle Bed, the Bedtropolis, and the B.I.A. (BedStealer Information Association)

Since then the BedStealer has been popping up in several of Zack Scott's videos. He is not all friendly, however. He has many plots to terrorize the Scottland members. Will his bed-powered creations destroy Scottland, or will the players foil his nefarious plots?

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