Former Player

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ZackScott and ashleysmash

Bactormo ( aka Janie) is a former player on Scottland. She's a close friend of Zack Scott and Ashley Scott. Her tombstone in Scottland Cemetery states that her cause of death was "Hooker Fatigue" in a joking fashion.

Mac and other players often talk about Janie's stand-up comedy whenever she is mentioned. During Zack's Minecraft Home Recreation tour, Mac revealed that her, Rozz, Tallman, and Janie slept in the Scott's living room during their visit, Tallman and Janie allegedly did the "nasty." Tallman refuted by saying they weren't doing the nasty. Mac refuted this by saying they were almost doing the nasty.

Janie and Tallman apparently kept in contact after maybe doing the nasty as seen when all the players were blaming Tallman for vandalizing Champine's home, Janie jokingly said that Tallman told her that he and his mom were fighting. Though this relationship seemed to have gone nowhere.

She is also an artist, but unlike Ashley, Janie never got into building or skin making.

Her name often got mixed up with Jenny's by many people in the comments.


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