The "Back to the Future" logo.

Back to the Future refers to a series of movies starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd and directed by Robert Zemeckis.

The members of Scottland have made several references to "Back to the Future", not surprising, seeing how most of them were children during the 80's.

Zack Scott

  • Zack had a Let's Play series of Back to the Future: The Game.
  • The famous catchphrase uttered by Doc Brown: "Great Scott!" is often associated with Zack, seeing how his last name is "Scott".

Peter Coffin

  • Peter humorously made several references to "Back to the Future" in the chat box in a video where BVGamer was able to get on the Scottland server, while other Scottland players were focused on getting rid of BVGamer.


  • During one of Zack's videos, when Ashley's Clock Tower was barely completed, someone suggested having lightning strike it, in reference to when lightning had to strike the clock tower of Hill Valley in order for the DeLorean to go back to the future.
  • Ashley's Clock Tower is also named the Great Scott.


  • In some episodes you can hear Brett's text message alert. The alert is "Something's Changed" from Back To The Future.
  • He also has a Marty McFly costume which you can see in the background of webcam episodes.
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