Brock Wood





First Appearance

Episode 8 - Forest Fire!

Final Appearance

Episode 953 - Memories with Bnoid and Hacking Contest!

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bNoid (aka brockNoid) is one of the older members of Scottland. He is known for creating many projects but abandoning or not finishing them: The Arena, his Castle, and the original mountain excavation project which Zack eventually converted to the Welcome Center. Brock and Zack met in Highschool where they became friends, Brock originally thought Zack was Jewish. He later joined the army where he met future members Jonathugg, calamormine, and Stumbelz.

There was also his YouTube Channel, where he created videos based on the ThuggNoid, Scottland, and other servers. He tried out various games with Stumbelz and Jonathuggg; and visited fan servers with either of them or Zack. This series was known as Foreign Lands.

Brock is one of the unique members, along with Spin, that hates cheats; whether it be game mode or commands, refusing to teleport or use plugins even in fan servers. When Scottland became creative Brock was disgusted, calling it "illegitimate"

Brock LOVES to burn down trees (odd that his first appearance was him trying to stop the Great Forest Fire of 2011). Every time he entered the ScottFarming area in Super Tunnel he burnt down the trees, calling the room "The Fire Room". He also displayed this when visiting LDShadowLady's server, upon seeing an indoor tree exclaiming "Quick someone give me a lighter!". He also burnt down a forest in front of Mac's Pussy Temple during the 600th Episode.

Brock is known to be one of the creators of Werewolf, an entertaining game bought to Minecraft. To add to this, he was the owner of the wolfnoid forums which is where the Werewolf game originated. He also loves to play tag :).

At some point, Brock quit making videos having lost the passion for making them and being busy being a parent along with hopes of reenlisting. Following Episode 367 - Getting to Know bNoid, Brock regained the joy for making videos which reflected on his more laid-back attitude in his following appearances.

The brockNoid channel was ultimately shut down by YouTube, this was due to his editor Dennis who stole Brock's identity and channel and began uploading pornography to YouTube for money. He eventually went to jail. After this Brock was unable to create any more channels, he also was unable to go into more detail having signed legal papers. According to Brock in "The Return of bNoid!" he still makes videos but only for himself.

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