Top Secret.

The B.I.A is a top secret office building in Scottland. It opened in the year 1999 on the date of March 11. In episode 415 of Zack's Minecraft videos Olirulz 747 and TwoFace240 had found the old building and on the first floor they found a bed logo on the floor and many office spaces where many workers once worked. They then found an off limits area on the second floor where they found out the workers were testing out how to use beds as a power source and they also found the dead body of a test subject. Olirulz 747 got into a large bed machine in the center of the room and asked Zack to turn it on. When Zack turned it on Olirulz 747 screamed in pain and TwoFace240 yelled for Zack to shut it down. Zack shut it down and then they could hear one last faint cry from Olirulz 747. When they opened the bed machine they saw Olirulz 747 wasn't in the the machine. Zack and TwoFace240 then quickly ran out of the office in fear and then swore to never tell anyone what happened that night in the old office building.
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