Ashley's Pagoda
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First Appearance

Episode 218 - Gym and Pagoda



The Pagoda was introduced to the viewers in Episode 218 - Gym and Pagoda, and was built by ashleysmash. It was featured along with a gym made by TwoFace240. The Pagoda was shown to the viewers in its finished state in Episode 229 - Pagoda.

The Pagoda was started by Ashley around August 23, 2011. It was finished roughly around September 3, 2011. The pagoda took about 9 days to make. It has 4 floors, a roof and a basement docking area.

A pagoda is a tower-like building with multiple tiers and multiple eaves. It is common in Nepal, India, China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Burma, other parts of Asia, and Scottland.

The Pagoda was also featured in the Scottland Minecraft thumbails from Episodes 200 - 300 along with another one of Ashley's projects, her skull.


  • The roof of the pagoda was changed shortly after the photo for the thumbnail for Episodes 200-300 was taken. Ashley felt the roof was too narrow.
  • The only furnished room in the pagoda is Mac's attic bedroom in the aforementioned expanded roof.
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