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X:158, Y:65, Z:9

First Appearance

Episode 33 - Grumpy Tour



The Arena was created by BNoid, and was also worked on by Crazykickasskate. It has been around since the early days of Scottland, but was not truly finished until Episode 263 of Zack Scott's Minecraft series.

The Four Levels of the Arena

Spectator Area and Entrance: This area consist of multilevel tiered seating with a throne for Zack and Ashley and a Glass platform for over-head viewing. The entrance consists of an open room with passages leading to both gladiator and spectator entrances.

Arena and Sub-Areas: This area is made up of the arena pit that leads to the gladiator quarters where items can be stored. The arena is line with a ring of lava to stop those thinking of fleeing.

Sub-Arena Platform and Viewing Booths: These glass fronted booths allow for the action in the sub-arena to be watched up close. The viewing platform offers an over-head look at the action going on below.

Sub-Arena: This is more of an obstacle filled arena that tests both mind and minecraftian agility.

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