X:4 Y:82 Z:-31 (World:Nether)

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The Anti-Spawn is a replica of normal spawn in the Nether. It replicates the walk way out of the Nether portal area and out to the lobby.

In an episode of Zack Scott's Minecraft, he had to reset the Nether because of 1.0 and was shocked to see that the anti-spawn was still there, claiming 'Ninja must have built it'.

The anti-spawn is also known as the "Straight Bathhouse". It is a parody of the Gay Bathhouse

Since it's the Anti-Spawn everything is in reverse except how it's built. This includes water being lava, torches into fire, bricks to obsidian, etc.

In the End of World episode The "Devil" was in the pool and haunted Zack and ends with Zack screaming at kool-aid.


A Screencap from Episode 219

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