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Accidental Skrillex

Accidental Skrillex is the name of the one year celebration statue made by Adam, with minor consultation from other members. It is the Magnum Opus of Scottland.

The statue is a pixel art of the fusion of several players on Scottland saying "Kill me".

If you have ever imagined all the members having sex then having a baby, this is the pixel art for you.

Body parts

  • George and Brock's Glasses (George's smaller frame George and Brock's bigger one)
  • Mac's eyes and freckles

Beside the pixel art it says "1 Year" written in random blocks. It also has a hunch-back.

The Accidental Skrillex has been recently taken down for unknown reasons. Zack has not mentioned the Accidental Skrillex in another video since then, but had previously expressed a desire to remove the pixel art.

It is now located in Tallmans area.

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A shot of the back

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