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First Apperence

Minecraft - BatKnight Mansion Complete and More!


Monterey, California


September 14

8BittBoy isn't a member of Scottland, yet. And he's a loyal member of the Batknight VIP Build Server.

8BittBoy is player on the Batknight Build Server and TBK servers and is most known for his sex jokes and extremely big builds. 

The only builds he's known for are: The Gay Bat-House (In The Ruce Bayne Mansion), The Giant Stone Box Spawn With The Bat Symbol On It (In The Batknight Spawn Contest Video), The Sex Slave Dungeon (For The Mansion Rooms), and A Giant Black Guy's Penis Jizzing Out (On The Batknight Build Server For Personal Use).

8BittBoy and 8_BitHer0 are not related in any way at all, 8BittBoy totally forgot that 8_BitHer0 existed before he made his name "8BittBoy".


His first build (The Gay Bat-House) was seen in Episode 760 on the mansion's roof.

He was first seen in Episode 761 in the chat talking about penises and what not.

In Episode 762 he had built a giant stone box with a batkngiht symbol on the front of it for the Batknight spawn contest, he made it first on the finals list but lost first in the finals.



"That's what she said."

"Heeeyyyy there big boi."


"I'd bang Sailor moon still."

"Goddammit! I'm not 8_BitHer0!"



Photos and Skins

2013-02-09 23.04.28

8BittBoy is the one with black hair, gray hoodie, and a belt buckle.

2013-02-10 20.38.32

The Batknight Spawn Entry In It's Early Stage.

Sketch (2)

8BittBoy's Skin(Newer)


8BittBoy's Skin (Older)

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