The meme Where's Rozz? came to be after Rozz stopped appearing in Zack's videos. As time went on, more and more viewers demanded to know "Where's Rozz?". It was made official when Zack put Rozz's name in the Graveyard saying "Nescobaraloplop R.I.P Where's Rozz?"

This has not stopped people from asking about him frequently.

A knock-off of this meme is the well-known, "When are Mac and Rozz getting married?"

This phrase had previously died down, but now is stronger than ever thanks to the most recent mail opening videos on the ZackScottFunClub channel.

When he came back after his channel was on hiatus, He explains, not using any names, about where he has been and why. Watch Rozz's video in full detail [[1]]

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